Interesting VAT Privacy Policy is run by Interesting Digital. Our approach to processing personal information is to take as little information as required, store it as securely as is practical, and retain it for a little time as possible. We view holding personal data as a liability which should be minimised.

What information we gather:
- We collect the information needed to manage your subscription and maintain the service - contact details, payment details, and usage statistics. This forms part the contract between us, and we will keep it appropriately for that purpose.
- We store your VAT number(s) along with any label that you give it to save you retyping at each login.
- At the request of HMRC we collect various details from your browser and network connection to prevent fraud. We pass these details to HMRC and do not store them.

What we DO NOT keep:
- Your VAT returns. The numbers pass through our server as they are submitted and retrieved, but we do NOT store them.
- Your HMRC login details. You supply them directly to HMRC, and the token they supply us in return is kept in memory on the server until you logout.
- We do not use any third party tracking or analytics, or directly include code from third party servers.

We may store cookies:
- As required to maintain your login session.
- To identify your web browser as required by HMRC for fraud prevention.

Data sharing:
- We may share any of this information with HMRC to provide the service, or to aid in system maintenance or fraud prevention.

All processing is done within the UK.

We are registered with the Information Comissioner's Office to hold details of our clients and their clients, Data Protection Registration Number: Z7601544.

Contact us if you want to view, correct or erase any of the information we hold.

Interesting Digital is a trading name of Holistech Limited, registered in Scotland SC193373.

Registered office: 10 Albert Place, Stirling, FK8 2QL. VAT: GB724033275.